About us

Always fresh and quality food

LA FLOR BAR&GRILL is where you can enjoy a cozy atmosphere and delicious food.
Indulge in our exquisite dishes and culinary creations, crafted by our talented chefs with passion and flair. Experience a slice of Italy with our authentic pizzas, made with Italian flour and fresh traditional ingredients, baked to perfection. And don’t forget to treat yourself with our decadent desserts, sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our chefs

Galya Shtereva

Chef and kitchen manager at LA FLOR Bar&Grill. The gentle power in our culinary team. An exceptional professional and esthete, with many years of experience in the culinary arts.

Sergey Efanov

Sergey Efanov – Master Pizza Chef at LA FLOR Bar&Grill, Chef Sergey uses culinary mastery and knowledge to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. Smiling and beaming, he believes that the best pizzas are made with a lot of love and passion.

Nikolay Veselinov

Chef at LA FLOR Bar&Grill Sunny Beach. Loves to cook and experiment, has experience, knowledge and skills with which to create pleasure for customers.

Ivaylo Stanislavov

For Chef Stanislavov, cooking is a way of life, a passion, an emotion and a vocation. A culinary specialist of the highest level will take care of an unforgettable experience.

Stanko Stankov

Always smiling, Chef Stankov prepares pizzas with tireless passion and knowledge. Technologically perfect, he makes sure that all pizzas at LA FLOR Bar&Grill are a delight for the senses.

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